Singleness of Heart


One Heart or singleness of heart is our biggest guard against insecurity!  Insecurity is like acne. We all have the potential for it but we don’t know when it will surface!

The verse in Matthew 12 comes to mind about how “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. In this passage Jesus is talking about the Kingdoms of Light and Dark, but I think it applies here for us in our lives as we “fight the good fight of faith”. There’s a singleness of heart in my refusal to focus on or believe in anything except what The Bible says about me! It’s a refusal to be divided because division brings insecurity! I believe that having One Heart can help us in this.



What are your weaknesses and insecurities? In what situations or circumstances do you feel the most insecure? What are you believing about yourself? Is it founded in the Bible or in man’s opinion?

Heather Giroux Co- Pastors The City Church with her best friend and husband Michael Giroux.  She loves family time with her husband and 4 boys including caddying for her boys’ in golf tournaments. In her free time she likes TRX training as much as she can! For more, you can follow her on Twitter @heathermgiroux

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  1. So true! When I begin to doubt myself, my abilities, that I am loved, I pray for strengthening of my faith. Because its really a choice, right? We choose to believe all that god has promised us and we choose to shut out the devils lies from our hearts. So true! Thanks for that, Pastor Giroux!

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  2. “There’s a singleness of heart in my refusal to focus on or believe in anything except what The Bible says about me!” – I LOVE this. It’s so true that you have to be intentional in remembering that it’s who God says you are that matters. Great blog post!

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  3. That is so true. One heart = unity among people. As a woman I love seeing other women/girls edifying, supporting, encouraging and building up other women/girls. I used to not “like” other women very much due to past experiences of backbiting, lying and other things that come out of insecurities. One day, however, as God got a hold of me, I decided to start edifying and lifting up other women/girls whether I wanted to or not or whether they “deserved it (in whose eyes?)” or not..before I knew it it was part of my personality and engrained in my very soul to where I now almost crave it. There are few things as amazing as when you know God has used you to affect a life that needs Him in whatever area(s). All to the glory of God.

    Thanks, Heather, for causing me to bring the very reason for this to the forefront of my mind.

    One Heart! <3

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  4. I love the idea that we just have to choose to believe what God says about us. Double-mindedness is not committing to any belief, but being tossed around by opinions and circumstances. JAMES says that will get us NOTHING! Basing out believes on the Word of God is so solidifying and stabilizing. Great post!

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  5. So good! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. This is a great message, Heather. Thanks!

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  7. I love Monica’s comment! Women need to build other women up. How can women ever raise themselves up if they keep the things that divide them?

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  8. um hello! I have never used that verse for insecurity! “a house divided” – I’m stealing this. so good. Love ya Heather! :o)

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  9. Reblogged this on Bay Area Momma and commented:
    More on the “i” word… I like to use this verse when taking on Insecurity -Prov. 14:1 “A wise woman builds her house; a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.” We truly do destroy our own house by our own thought life sometimes… friendly fire. But read this blog… . it takes the whole concept deeper. “a house, a heart divided against itself cannot stand” – It’s a powerful thought in the fight against Insecurity- an undivided heart: by Heather Giroux

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