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Happy Single Awareness Day! Doesn’t it feel like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” song is everywhere today? I want to start off by reminding you: you are STUNNING, you are FABULOUS, and just because you are not married does NOT mean there is something wrong with you. It means that God’s timing is perfect….

A few months ago, I visited another church for a special service. During worship, I realized that I was looking at everyone’s left hand, thinking “he is married, he is not married (hmmm he’s cute), he’s not married either (ohh he is cute too)”. And then,before I knew it, I had missed most of worship. Dang it! I know I’m not the only one who checks out the hand of someone we think is cute. Or who sees an adorable couple and wonders, “when is it going to be my time?” That usually happens to me about once a month (know what I mean?).

All joking aside, in those moments I have a choice. I choose how I am going to view my present situation. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to desire to be in a relationship – but it’s good to think about what we should do in the meantime while God is at work.

It is often easy to believe that the grass is greener on the other side…but the grass is actually greener when you water it. I don’t know God’s timing for you or for me. And sometimes I really wish He’d hurry up! In those times, I ask myself a few questions:

  1. What does God have for me in this season that I haven’t experienced yet?
  2. Who does He want me to reach out to or be the love to?
  3. What I am doing for personal development to be the best me (the best wife to my future husband / the best friend to those around me / the best co-worker)?
  4. What treasures or opportunities would I miss in this season if I moved on too quickly?
  5. Have I invited God into the equation? This adds a whole new incredible dimension. Isaiah 40:31 says “Those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength…” (wait: eagerly look for [the Lord], expect, hope for – it’s an active word).

Beautiful, make a decision to determine to live out this present season by actively waiting on God’s best.



What are some things we single ladies can do while we are in this season? Are you aware of what you do have, or constantly focusing on what you don’t have?


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  1. Great post Bethany! It’s great to refocus on where we are in a season rather than wanting another season out of Gods timing.

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  2. Yay Bethany! Thank you – Wonderful post, great timing … Today of many days is a great one to be reminded of the truth you expressed. But this will serve as a reminder to me to live everyday asking what God has for me in this season, whatever that season may look like.

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  3. Awesome reminder, Bethany. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This is great, Bethany! So true and such a nice reminder!

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  5. Great job Beth…if anyone lives this you do… xxx

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    • LOVE the line “the grass is greener where you water it!”

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      • Me too! What a profound truth that rights so true right now. Thanks for sharing, Bethany!

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  6. LOVE this Bethany! This is true for ANY season – and its nice to be reminded that it is just a season and not forever 🙂 I want to make the most of every season I’m in!

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  7. So good, Bethany, thanks for being so candid! Too often we can think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a husband for (fill in the blank).” My roommate and I joke about this when we have to repair something or when we watch a scary movie and are convinced someone broke into our apartment. However, we can repair things and protect ourselves, a relationship is not going to fix any problems or fears we may have, but placing our trust in God will.

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  8. This is an excellent reminder to live – fully – in the “now”!

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  9. Beth, that’s hysterical about you missing worship. But you definitely hit the nail on the head about embracing the season you’re in. Great advice from our 2B!

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  10. So that explains why gals are always looking down at my hand. I’m always like, “ladies…eyes up here!” Gee – challenges of being extraordinarily handsome…
    Seriously – great post Bethany!! 🙂 So important to enjoy the season you’re in. The only moment you can enjoy right now…is right now!

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  11. “The grass is greener when you water it.” SOOO GOOD BETHANY! For singles and old married folks! I absolutely loved it!

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  12. “The grass is actually greener when you water it.” That is so good.. My hubby and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year and I know we would not have gotten here if either of us had chosen our own way rather than trusting God for the best. The best person, the best timing, the best relationship. I am so grateful, not only that God helped me listen to, and trust, Him, but that he did the same with David. I am more in love with him today than I was 10 years ago. <3

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