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I’m a runner and have an iPod full of upbeat music that motivates me while I work out. One of the songs on my running playlist is “Hall of Fame” by The Script. It’s a song about never giving up, never quitting, going the distance despite obstacles. One of the lines that’s repeated is:

“You can be a champion, you can be the greatest, you can be a champion, you can be the best”.

I feel like those are God’s thoughts toward us — you can be a champion, you can be a hero! But being in God’s hall of fame might look a bit different than being an Olympic medalist or a rockstar. We’re champions in God’s eyes by helping others to have a relationship with Him.  All throughout scripture we see that God’s heart is for the world and we are commanded in the great commission to go and win others for Him.

Be a champion for God in 2013. Help those who are lost, hurting or hopeless. This is God’s heart for His people and should be our heart as well.



How can you be a champion this year?

Jill Whitlow is married to Charlie, who pastors an incredible church in Ashburn, VA called the Community Church.  She loves chasing around their 4 kids and in her spare time she loves to jog, Starbucks chai tea lattes and going to the movies (just to eat the popcorn)!

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  1. A great challenge to make relationships our priority and point the way to Jesus.

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  2. I am not a runner (yet!) but will definitely download this song! And, of course, having a His heart for others, directing them toward Christ, is great reward!

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  3. I AM a runner… AND I will definitely go download this song!

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  4. “How can you be a champion this year?” There are definitely many areas where I could step up. God, please help me to keep this question in the forefront of my mind as I’m doing my every day stuff. How can I make a difference in someone’s life? How can I be more sensitive to other people’s genuine needs, whether they’re a friend or a complete stranger…? Lord, help me walk out my day with intention to be a blessing. <3

    Great challenge Jill.

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    • So I just have to tell, because it was so cool….ended up meeting a stranger the very evening of the day I read this blog and posted the above reply. I went out all determined to be a world changer and by the time I had reached the city limits I’d already forgotten all about it. Sigh. But don’t you know, I go to meet a potential renter of a condo I had on the market, and ended up connecting and God came! I just LOVE

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      • …how God can use us, “even when we forget” to be used by him. Totally made my day. And it started with a great blogpost.

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