A Beautiful Heart

“Perhaps its good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to have a beautiful heart” – John Nash

The phone call I got several months ago from my sister telling me that her 29-year-old husband was going to have to have open heart surgery was the kind of call that makes time stand still.  So many questions.  So few answers.  You don’t appreciate the intricacies of the heart until they are called into question.  A condition my brother-in-law was born with had finally revealed itself and the time to deal with it had arrived.

When something is wrong with our heart, it will eventually tell us.  We can only hope to get the message before it is too late.  So, let me ask you, What is your heart telling you?  No, not the one that pumps blood and gives physical life.  The one that connects to our Heavenly Father and to each other and gives spiritual life.  I am on a constant journey of discovering ailments that originated in my heart and need treatment.  Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  Andy Stanley talks about this in his book “Enemies of the Heart” when he describes how so many of us grow up with consequences and rewards that teach us to modify our behavior, but not necessarily our heart.  He says “Eventually your heart – the real you – will outpace your attempts to monitor and modify everything you say and do.”

Treatment can be painful.  Surgery is a difficult thing to go through.  But isn’t a healthy heart that can sustain life worth it?  I can tell you on the flip side of some painful emotional and spiritual heart treatment, that you’re never sorry you dealt with it. What is flowing out of your heart?  If you’re not sure, ask your Heavenly Father.  He’ll tell you whether or not you need surgery.  You also might find it helpful to ask a trusted friend.

I know my brother in law is thankful for a surgery that put him on the path to a long and healthy life.  And I’m guessing that someday, the baby girl that my sister is due to have in a few weeks will be to.



What is your heart telling you? What is flowing out of your heart?  How do you ensure your heart is healthy?

Lora Batterson is married to Mark, who pastors a vibrant church in the DC metro area called the National Community Church.  Together they have 3 beautiful children.  She loves living in the heart of Capitol Hill and going out for coffee every day off with her husband.  She also thinks that the french toast at Eastern Market is the best in the world.  For more, you can follow her on Twitter @lorabatterson.

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  1. My heart is telling me it’s bursting with excitement for Beautiful You Conference 2013!!

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  2. Oftentimes in our busy lives (especially in a moving-and-shaking place like DC), we never stop, pause, take a breather or reflect. In order to know what’s flowing out of our hearts we actually have to do those things… To slow down and listen. God is always there but we shut out his voice with our “to do” lists… Thinking we have to “accomplish” all manner of things or be superwoman to improve the nature of our heart. But that’s not truly the case. He really just wants for us to just take time to chat with him… And receive what he’s already offering us.

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  3. I’ll admit it, I’ve had a few heart “surgeries” in my life! So incredibly thankful, though, that God saw me through them all! Going through the necessary treatment to bring healing and wholeness is definitely worth it.

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  4. I love this post Lora, thanks for the reminder to do regular “check ups’. Such a necessity in our busy lives, and such a joy and freedom when we invite God into what we are dealing with!

    Donna xoxo

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  5. This is such a great reminder to check the condition of our hearts, but also to be careful to guard our hearts! Daphne is right, sometimes we get so busy that this falls to the wayside but it’s SO important!

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  6. Great message! It is amazing how we are so trained to modify our behavior, but looking at our heart & asking God to change us goes farther than any attempt we have on our own at becoming more like Him.

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  7. Heart checks are soo necessary!!! And, like Daphne mentioned, its really important to actually pay attention to what’s coming out of our heart. As painful as it may be to face the truth sometimes 🙂 in the end, I think we all want a heart that is overflowing with love and kindness for those He puts in our path every day.

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  8. Thanks Lora for such a great, timely reminder! I know I need regular check-ups to keep the condition of my heart healthy. I’m so thankful that God is in the business of helping us deal with any heart “surgery” that we need.

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  9. What an awesome message! Sometimes life events have resulted in emergency “heart surgery,” but taking the necessary steps to protect my heart by strengthening my relationship with Christ has kept my heart strong enough to weather life’s storms.

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  10. This is a great message, Lora! A few days ago, husband helped me see an area in my heart to which I really need to ask God to “do surgery” in. I had been think about Andy Stanly’s book “It Came From Within” which I read several years ago. This is another great reminder!

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  11. Love the message! Yes, it is so important to guard our hearts, both physical and spiritual. Thank you for reminding us to know God’s desires for our hearts.

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  12. Love this! We do so many things to care for the unseen things of our physical heart. So true that we need to be aware of the signs of poor health in our spiritual heart.

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