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I’ve always been a “girl’s girl.” I grew up with an older sister and a whole host of fabulous friends running in and out of my house. I went to a women’s college and have always believed in the value of female friendships. However, I’ve also always been very independent and a strong believer that I could handle almost any situation. You know, that woman who refuses to make more than one trip from her car to the house with the groceries (despite the fact that she can barely stand with all those bags)? Yeah, that’s me. For better or (often) for worse, I like being able to figure things out and get things done on my own. I almost take a bit of pride in it.

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As I’ve grown in my faith, however, I’ve realized just how important it is to have strong, supportive women around. The fact is, when life inevitably happens, I find myself relying on my girls. When I’m learning to navigate the newness of marriage, I turn to my girls. When I need to vent about work, I turn to my girls. When I want to talk about the latest episode of Scandal, I turn to my girls. I’ve learned that depending on friends and reveling in the wonderfulness of having amazing women in your life doesn’t mean you aren’t strong. It means you are smart.


Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” The women in my life sharpen me, challenge me, comfort me, make me laugh and I am so grateful to do life with them. I value spending time with women so much that this winter I started a Life Group at my church just to create a reason to spend more time with awesome women–and it has been amazing. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to develop a whole crew of women I can depend on, count on and go to. I imagine us all living “Golden Girls” style some day (with our men in tow, of course) and that thought makes me smile. I hope to see many of you with your girlfriend’s at the Beautiful You Conference in May…I can’t think of a better opportunity for a girl’s weekend!

–Courtney Carter

courtney 3Courtney Carter is a lawyer turned consultant who loves living in DC with her two favorite folks–her husband Kwame and her dog Sasha. She’s an avid runner and marathoner who loves being healthy but would never turn down bacon. Capitol City Church has been her home since New Year’s Day 2012 and she loves her church family. She is the creator of Eat Pray Run DC, a blog where she loves talking about running, food, her faith and DC life. 


“I really enjoyed being able to share my Beautiful You experience with my mom. We both had been growing in our relationship with God at the same time.  Being able to hear the stories of so many inspirational women was a powerful experience. But hearing my mom say that she wanted to come back next year and invite others was just as powerful.” —Adia
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