What Does Beauty Mean to You?

Hey Beautiful!

Here in the Beautiful You blogosphere, we often describe “beauty” as the quality present when one’s purpose is understood.

We recently took to the streets (sort of) to find an expert who could tell us what beauty meant to her. What we got in response was a cold — nay we say, “frozen” — answer from a young expert who warmed our hearts.

Check out this video to see what this little beauty — the daughter of Harrison and Eileen — said:



LEGIT. The movie “Frozen” IS about two beautiful sister-princesses who are discovering their purposes and learning how to stay true to who they are. What could be better than that?

When you hear the word “beauty,” perhaps “Frozen” isn’t what comes to your mind first (or maybe so… after all, it was the highest-grossing animated film of ALL. TIME.). But, what does come to mind?

Tell us in the comment section below! Or better yet, post a video of your answer on social media using #BYmovement. Bonus points if you sing about it!



P.S. Did you take yesterday’s Beautiful You Conference Quiz? If not, check it out! Spoiler alert — the answers are listed here.


1)Seven ; 2)DC General Homeless Shelter; 3)Crystal City; 4)1,400 women; 5)Christine Caine; 6)Priscilla Shirer; 7)2012; 8)Shine Your Light; 9)Dr. Dee Dee Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Center; 10)N/A.

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