The Art of Being Brave…Again


Throughout my relationship with God I have found myself at many crossroads in life asking God, “Is this even possible?” I still remember the first year that Pastor Donna cast out the vision for the first Beautiful You Conference. It sounded so big, so intimidating, so (should I dare say?) impossible.

That year I ventured out of my comfort zone and invited a ton of my friends and co-workers to Conference. I prayed, extended my faith, prayed some more, and waited in anticipation for what God was going to do.

Conference day arrived and sadly none of my friends or co-workers showed up.  I remember questioning my faith big time: Did God not get the memo? Did my prayers go into His Spam folder? Did He forget me in the midst of the other six billion people in the world with greater needs?

Maybe you are reading this and feeling the same way, looking at the mountain that you believed would be moved by faith and feeling insecure and unsure about why God did not “come through” this time.  I don’t have a secret formula on how to “get over it,” but here were some of the things that helped me get out of that place of fear and instead decide to be brave and believe God despite my visible circumstances:

  1. Take small steps of faith: If you are not quite ready for a great, big leap, take a small step. Without the small step you don’t open yourself to the possibilities that God has tight around the corner.
  2. Decide to have a glass half-full perspective: Instead of focusing on where you think God has “failed” you, choose instead to believe that God is working hard in the background for good and look at previous victories to remember what God is capable of doing.
  3. Remember to trust God, even when you don’t see him working: I don’t always know what God is up to, but I have learned that it is better to trust that His ways are better than my ways.

Since that first year of the vision being cast for the Beautiful You Conference, God has done exceedingly abundantly more than what I could have imagined through this movement. We went from barely filling a school auditorium to selling out last year at Lisner Auditorium at GW with over 1400 women. I’m happy to report that some of those were my friends and co-workers! They only came because I didn’t let one instance keep me from being brave and trusting God again. –Kelly Chen Andres

kelly chenKelly has been part of CapCityChurch since 2006. By day (and sometimes night), she is a real estate professional in the DC metro area. Her blog provides tools, resources and advice for home buyers. She lives in Alexandria with her husband Howard and loves to spend time with her dogs Max and Ivy.

“It was amazing how in this hall full of women, I felt as though the speaker was talking directly to me. I was near tears the first night.” –Kelsey
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