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Did you know that there are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history?  Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of forced labor and sex trafficking. With an estimated 27 million in bondage across the globe; men, women, and children are being exploited for manual and sexual labor against their will.

As the world’s fastest growing criminal industry, it affects every nation across the globe. Every thirty seconds, someone is forced into this type of bondage—modern slavery.

The A21 Campaign exists to abolish just such injustice in the 21st Century.

I Am Free A21

Beautiful You is excited to support the A21 Campaign in its efforts to fight human trafficking.  We’re thrilled to have Christine Caine as one of our guest speakers at Conference this year.  Not only is she an incredible speaker, but she and her husband, Nick Caine, founded the A21 Campaign.  She and her whole team work tirelessly so that young women like Katja can be free.

Learn more about the A21 Campaign and what you can do to fight human trafficking at their website here.

Together we can make a difference!

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  1. Such a powerful video! So thankful for A21!

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  2. The statistics are horrendous and surrreal. Thank God for organizations like the A21 that fight tiredlessly against this abomination. Happy and honored to support them. ❤️ God bless and save these unfortunate souls.

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