Parenting through the Journey

Christina SheltonFor some women, parenthood becomes an important aspect of their journey.  BY contributor, Christina, reflects changing the world through being a mom.

As far as being a mother goes, I wouldn’t call myself the best or the worst.  Like all moms, I have good days and not so good days.

On the good days, my laundry is folded, dinner is on the table, and the kids have done their homework.  I feel like Supermom, cape and everything. I am ready to soar above the mountains and save the world!

But, more often than not, I have days when I don’t feel like Supermom at all—my cape is missing and I definitely do not have any super powers.  I forget things, the cookies burn, I spill lemonade on the homework, I leave the laundry in the washer too long, and the list goes on and on. I think to myself, “How can I be Supermom and save the world when I am not efficiently doing all I can to better my husband, children, and household?”

So, I sit down and breathe in deeply…

…And exhale…

I remind myself that I don’t have to have the house perfectly in order to be Supermom, and I don’t need a cape or super powers to save the world.  By simply doing the things I would normally do, I can change the world by impacting one life at a time.  When I take dinner to someone just out of the hospital, host a LifeGroup, raise my children with purpose, or be a cheerleader for my husband, lives of those around me are being impacted. This then promotes a chain reaction.  Seemingly simple acts can have far reaching effects.  Each person I impact is then able to impact someone else.  I can’t save everyone, but I can impact those around me through simple, intentional acts, which enable them to do so for someone else.

Knowing your impact on the world has everything to do with perspective.  As a mom, it is easy to lose this perspective in the never ending lists of things moms have to do.  So, I have one piece of advice for all moms out there:

Find something you love, that makes everything else fade and puts a smile on your face. Music, reading, running, journaling, creative writing, art, etc.  Whatever your niche is, make time for it. Even a small amount of time in your place of joy helps bring things back into balance and gives you better perspective on life. It’s not selfish.  It makes you a more beautiful you for yourself and for your family.


For you moms out there, what helps you to be Supermom on this part of your journey?  What helps you keep perspective?



Christina and her husband, Ben, play an important role in the children’s ministry, leading the Parent Connect Team, at the DC site of CapCity Church.  She wears many hats, as most women do. She enjoys being a wife and a mother, and she loves to be with friends and family. She also loves to travel and will go to extraordinary lengths to do so (even if it’s only 3 hours away)  🙂 She also thoroughly enjoys a good book by the fire.  Her utmost desire is to serve her creator and fulfill his purpose in any given moment.

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  1. Love this! Thank you Christina for sharing. I’m not a mom, but everyone can have a chain reaction effect if we just do what we can to help or impact others in a positive way.

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  2. Love this Christina…the first thing we lose in the craziness of life is perspective and it’s also the one tool that keeps everything in place. Thanks for sharing this, the whole perspective of the positive chain reaction and rippling effect makes our world so much larger…

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  3. This is great — balance and doing something that helps you recharge is important for all of us. Thanks Christina for sharing 🙂

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing Christina! Love your story and how you do what’s in your hand! It’s a great reminder to me to know that I can do what I can do & not worry when things are not perfect!

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    • Thanks : D So glad to share life with you ladies!

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  5. Thanks for sharing, Christina (I think you’re a super-mom!)

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  6. Love this…

    And by the way, from someone that other people could, and do call supermom. 🙂

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  7. Christina what an amazing and inspiring story.. I’ve only been a mother for two years and within those two years I’ve had many struggles. It’s nice to read this story because it helps me to remind myself that I’m doing the best I can and I’m doing a great job. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Outstanding! 🙂

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    • Beautiful- we are so glad you found Christina’s story inspiring!

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  8. Profound thoughts expressed very well. Proud of who you and Ben have become. It was my privilege to have been one of your teachers.

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  9. Wow Mr. Summers, Thanks! So great to hear from you. 😀 To God be the glory!

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