Lenora’s Love Story

At age 51, I was in a long term relationship that was going nowhere. I was also working on a job that I disliked. Fed up and frustrated, I wrote a prayer affirmation in February 2001 based on Mark 11:22, Habakkuk 2:2,  Song of Solomon 6:3, and Job 22:28. In that prayer, I told the Lord precisely what I wanted, a new and better job and a good husband with specific qualities. I wrote he had to be a good, faithful Christian, good to his mother, a good friend, who spoke 5 foreign languages (intellect), tall, smart, handsome, who had seen the world (open-minded and enjoyed cultural diversity), attracted to me. He loved history, museums, travel and music. He was well employed, well-educated, and managed his finances. I prayed that affirmation and repeated those Scriptures and others about love and marriage from the Song of Solomon out loud at least twenty or thirty times a day for 3 months.

A few months later in Spring 2001, I told my friend that I was tired of his taking me for granted and that I believed God would send me a new job and a wonderful man who would “sweep me off my feet, that we would fall in love and would marry, and that I would forget about him” (my friend).  He laughed. I guess he thought I was crazy. One year later, in 2002 I was in my new job and worked for Louis, who eventually became my best friend.  We later fell in love and God made the way for us to marry (January 7, 2006).

In the fall of 2003, I called my old friend and said remember what I told you in 2001…..well it has happened!!! He was amazed, muttered he should have married me when he had the chance…..

You should know that before I started the new job, I told the Lord one day that I trusted Him and that I knew He knew what was best for me.  I said, Lord “If He wanted me to get married, cool.  If You want me to stay single, that is cool too. ”   I think that made the difference.   I got out of the way and let God work things out.  If I had the wisdom to turn all things over to God – my career, my love life, my finances — earlier in life, I would have been a lot further ahead! I have learned to trust God.

One thing, be careful and very specific what you ask of God.  He hears you!!! With a Phd. in political science, Louis has written a second book. He sings in concerts here and overseas. He loves history and we visit Civil War battlefields. I am finally properly balancing my checkbook (most of the time). He speaks 3 languages fluently and converses well in 3 others. I look up to him, literally and figuratively. We have traveled all around this country and I have lost track how many times we have been to Italy in the last 8 years.  We have appeared on world-wide television (GOD-TV)

Note I forgot to ask God for a husband who could dance.  Louis is not a dancer….we did dance at our wedding but that was a while ago.  On the other hand, in one weekend in Berlin, we went to two art galleries and six museums of history and culture. We covered galleries and museums all over Tuscany. God answers prayers!

One other thing, God orders my steps. You see, for almost 20 years I worked in a prestigious, demanding career with an organization that I loved, but near the end of that time I encountered an ambitious and difficult manager (my competition) who was at times quite mean to me  She told a harmful, career ending lie about my work which was heartbreaking. I chose to leave. It hurt deeply. I left the work I loved, old friends, and a place I had planned to retire from. I literally had to start my career over. I found out later she did this to others. After I left, I found out I was not her only victim.

Well, if she had not told that lie (Genesis 50:20 –she meant evil) I would never have left and probably would not have met Louis (God meant it for good). I forgave her a long time ago. That manager who lied about me later suffered setbacks in her own career, her personal life and her health, but God has blessed me with a very a happy marriage to my best friend, and I AM SO GLAD!!!


LenoraLenora is married to Dr. Louis McCall, stepmother to Rebecca a foreign affairs specialist and David an orthopedic surgeon. She has a twin brother Lee, a sister Brenda, several nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and lots of in-laws and  cousins!  Retired in September 2013 after 33 years federal service with work on five continents having earned numerous awards including the Secretary of State’s Career Service Award, Lenora plans to pursue a Doctorate in Management or PhD. in Public Administration beginning in 2014.  A charismatic Catholic, she is active at St. Gabriel’s Church in Petworth (40 years) then attends Cap City early service with Louis, and also participates in life groups with him and is a Vision Builder.

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  1. What an awesome story!!

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    • LOVE this Lenora…thanks for sharing your story!

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  2. I love what you said… “I got out of the way and let God work things out.” That is such great advice!

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  3. I so loved this story. So many things to glean from. I love that you were so specific with your request for a husband and Louis had everything. I only have 5 requests. Maybe I should add some;)

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