Go In the Strength You Have

I remember driving from southern Virginia to my home state of New York to visit family when I was 18 years old. I turned and said to my then boyfriend (now husband), “Someday we are going to have a great church in Washington, D.C.” Little did I know, God would allow us to live our dream and plant a church in the nation’s capital! It took faith and yes, bravery, but God has been with us every step of the way. One of the amazing confirmations of His presence has been the people that He has sent us along the way. One such person is my friend, Adriene Jordan. We met one day when she wandered into our church and quickly became family. That was seven years ago. I have watched her navigate the ups and downs of career, relationships, ministry, and family. She is a trophy of grace to the women of The City Church and everyone she meets through the life that she leads; a life of integrity and faith. Like the rest of us, her story is not yet finished and she awaits God’s provision in many areas of her life. As Joseph did in the Bible, Adriene is proving herself in the midst of the “process of God”! Proving herself with flying colors! Proving that God has not called His girls to be perfect but to be faithful, to trust Him and to be BRAVE and to GO IN THE STRENGTH THEY HAVE!!” Enjoy Adriene’s piece (below).—Heather Giroux, The City Church

super hero

If you’re anything like me and the vibrant group of women I run with, you love a good superhero movie. We’re probably first on Fandango to buy a passel of tickets before the film is even released, then first to charge into the theater to body block at least seven seats in Row 6. This is because a good superhero movie makes us feel brave. Each of us gets to project onto that big screen our gnawing fears of facing life’s most terrifying threat and channel them into a singular, courageous victory. In spite of their human vulnerabilities, our superheroes beat the bad guy. How? By going in the strength they have.

Bruce Banner becomes The Hulk as he struggles with his uncontrollable rage and crushes the Abomination. Tony Stark, whose damaged heart could kill him, dons his Ironman suit and quenches the fire mongering Mandarin. And the X -Men—mutants who will never fit into mankind’s mainstream—save the very humans bent on eliminating them. Our big screen superheroes are but the fiction of God’s real superheroes who put on their brave, go in the strength they have and vanquish the enemy. This is the lesson for us.

Do you remember the Captain America of Judges 6? It’s Gideon, the most unlikely of fighters, who went on to become a superhero of Israel! Like frail Steve Rogers at the start of WWII, Gideon was the scrawniest and puniest of his clan (he said so himself). But like Rogers, who ingested the top secret “Super-Soldier Serum,” Gideon did what was required to become a superhero. In spite of his gnawing and even annoying fears, he obeyed God’s command, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of the Midianites hands.” [v.14]

Gideon defeated those Midianites like Captain America wielded the death blow to the Third Reich and Red Skull. Sure Gideon suffered his doubts and he freely vocalized them almost as much as we do.

Israel’s Captain America could have used his own Colonel Chester Phillips who tersely quieted the concerned Rogers with this, “If you have something to say, right now’s a perfect time to keep it to yourself.” Thankfully, when God calls us to be brave and go in the strength we have, He’s gentler. He tells us like He told Gideon, “Am I not sending you? Peace! Do not be afraid. You are not going to die.”  [v.14 & 23]

Israel’s Captain America swallowed that Super-Soldier Serum and won his victory. His serum, no top secret, was Faith. If we take our Faith Serum, we win! We empower ourselves to stand on what God has already worked in us to bravely take on the challenges of the day and go in the strength we have. Is He not sending you?

Hey, maybe in going in the strength we have, we will get the same revelation Johnny Storm shared with Reed, the genius, shapeshifting, sometimes fearful founder of the Fantastic Four:
Reed Richards: You need to control yourself, and think before you act.
Johnny Storm: Yeah, but you see, that’s your problem; you always think, you never act! What if we got these powers for a reason? What if it’s like some higher calling?

Be a beautiful superhero for God, ladies. This is your higher calling. Put your brave on and, “Go in the strength you have.”
—Adriene Jordan

adriene-jordanAdriene Jordan is a TV and film producer who cut her teeth at CBS Evening News. Now, she helms her own company, Freedup Films. Her two best productions remain Robert and Thomas, her extraordinary sons. Adriene is passionate about the Arts—that place where human expression, in its most disciplined form, can be transformative. She loves playing the piano and the Nord synthesizer and considers her tennis coach a superhero. 


heatherHeather Giroux co-pastors The City Church with her best friend and husband Michael Giroux. She loves family time with her husband and 4 boys including caddying for her boys’ in golf tournaments. In her free time she likes TRX training as much as she can! For more, you can follow her on Twitter @heathermgiroux


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  1. Oh this was so great!!

    I don’t know how many superhero/Marvel fans we have out there, but I am definitely one! I love the timeliness of this message and how CURRENT it is. What a great way to demonstrate using the strength within us to reach out to all of our sisters in the community. Kudos, Adriene! And thank you!

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  2. This is so good! (& I need to see these movies!)

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  3. So good, and so relevant. Amazing to come to the realization that God has already given us the strength, we need only tap into it and be willing to use it to walk in the purpose He has for us. Awesome!

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  4. Speaking to my very soul right now! I’m so thankful for you ladies. Going in with all my strength and going in hard! Love you both.

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