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Many of us have awesome kids in our lives.  While there is nothing wrong with Barbies and superheroes, we wanted to present some great gift ideas that go beyond toy aisle.  These gifts inspire creativity and learning.  Plus, they are great for the whole family!  These gifts are available from a variety of distributors.  While clicking on the bold name of the product will take you to one website, they may be available other places.  Be sure to share if you find a good deal or better shipping rates on these items!


Stacking Faces
stacking faces

Every tot loves stacking–cups, boxes, stuffed animals.  Enter the International Playthings Stacking Faces.  These cups with amusing faces are great for stacking, nesting, pouring, and sprinkling.  Each cup also has sprinkling holes, which make them great for bath time.  In addition, in 2012 this great toy received the Special Needs Adaptable Product Award and the Oppenheim Best Toy Award.




Shadow Puppet Theater

shadow puppet

Looking for a great after-dinner activity for your kids?  How about a shadow puppet show? Whether you set up indoors or out, you and your kids can take story telling to the next level.  This kit comes with the theater and a sampling of shadow puppets.  Other puppets are available for purchase, or you and your kids can make your own puppets!  Every evening provides a new opportunity for your family to put on an exciting performance!






Just Say Sew Sewing Kit

If you love crafting, you are probably often looking for ways to get your kids crafting, too.  Appropriate for elementary school aged children, this sewing kit is a great introduction to basic stitches and the world of crafting.  Complete with pre-cut patterns, scissors, needles and pins, measuring tape, and easy to follow instructions, your child will have all the necessary tools to successfully complete several crafts and get excited about the crafting world.




indigo If your family loves board games, Indigo may be the perfect addition to your collection.  In this game, players lay tiles to create winding paths to collect jewels.  The player to exit the board with the most points from collecting different types of gems wins.  While the rules are simple, every game is different, making it one your family will want to play again and again.  This game is suitable for children ages 8 and older, and is for 2-4 players.


Carnivorous Plant Kit
Have you ever heard of a Cobra Lily?  What about a Yellow Trumpet or a Pale Trumpet?  Believe it or not, these are varieties of plants, along with Venus Fly Trap and others, which are carnivorous–these plants actually eat bugs!  This kit comes with seeds and everything else you need to grow these amazing insect-eaters.  While children of all ages can enjoy seeing these plants catch and digest bugs, this kit may be more suitable for older kids because it does take several weeks for the plants to germinate.  However, it is well worth the wait!



Have you found any great gifts for your kids this year?  What other toys or games would you recommend?

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