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It seems everyone these days is a foodie…or knows a foodie.  Food has always been popular, but with more gadgets and cooking blogs than ever, it seems there are also more foodies than ever.  So, as always, what kind of gift can you give to a foodie?  Obviously the answer to this question depends on the person and the type of food they like to cook or eat.  With so many possible variables and with so many really cool gadgets out there, we tried to present some gift ideas most foodies could appreciate.

The Flavor Bible

flavorbibleMost foodies understand cooking goes far beyond simply following the recipe.  Great chefs know how spices and seasonings work together to create the best possible flavor and how ingredients can be used to create the perfect texture and dining experience.  The Flavor Bible brings together that information and more, allowing chefs of all abilities to create new flavor combinations and improve their favorite dishes.  The Flavor Bible also won the 2009 James Beard Best Book Award: Reference and Scholarship.



Mushroom Kit

mushroomMost foodies prefer to have the freshest ingredients possible.  The freshest ingredients are the ones you can grow yourself, to pick at the perfect moment.  Not everyone, though, has the time or space to have a full out garden or farm to have those fresh ingredients.  However, kits like this mushroom kit allow someone in the smallest of spaces to be an urban gardener.  Your beloved foodie can now grow their own oyster mushrooms from the comfort of their own home.  Each kit contains everything you need to start growing as soon as you open the package, and the soil substrate is made from recycled plant materials, such as corn cobs.  Each kit grows 2-4 crops of mushrooms.


Magnetic Organic Spice Kit

spiceMany foodies face similar challenges: not enough storage space in the kitchen.  This rack not only gives your foodie some organic spices, but a unique place to store those spices: on the fridge (or any other magnetic surface), thus freeing up much needed shelf or pantry space for other cool gadgets.  Plus, this kit adds a splash of color to the room.  If your foodie has a small kitchen or just likes to display their wares, they will certainly love this new spin on a spice rack.  This kit contains 24 reusable magnetic jars filled with organic spices and hand mixed seasonings.  This spice rack is hand made, and you can see other products from the same company on their Etsy site.  Plus, this company donates a minimum of 10% of profits to Kiva (more about Kiva tomorrow).



Adopt an Olive Tree


If your foodie loves olive oil, consider adopting an olive tree for them.  When you adopt an olive tree, your foodie will then receive olive oil produced from the olives from that tree (plus about 50 nearby trees).  Other specialty oils and condiments are also available for purchase.  The next time your foodie is in Italy, they can also visit their adopted tree.


Tasting Box Subscription

HatcheryFinding new ingredients to use can be very exciting.  Through a monthly subscription to the Tasting Box from Hatchery, your food can try new artisan ingredients from around the U. S.  Kits may include condiments, spreads, sauces, jams, honeys, and other specialty baking ingredients.  Each box also comes with recipes using that months items.  Your foodie will also have access to Hatchery’s Culinary Concierge Support Team, which provides answers to questions about the products and suggests recipes.  Items are also available for individual sale.



Do you have a foodie in your life?  What types of gifts have you found?  If you yourself are a foodie, what products can you recommend?



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  1. Funny, I just wrote a gift guide for foodies on my blog! A few things I like are nice olive oils, cooking classes and a dinner out to a restaurant the foodie has been dying to try. Love that cookbook suggestion!

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    • Those are great suggestions! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Hey Courtney – post your blog site so we can all check it out!

      HA love the idea of adopting a TREE and going to visit in ITALY…thank BY Movement for the “out of the box ” ideas!

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