Get to Know BYC2015 Guest Speaker: Marilyn Skinner

Marilyn Skinner is the vibrant and energetic wife of Gary Skinner and together they give leadership to Watoto Church, a community church in Kampala Uganda with over 20,000 people gathering each week to celebrate the life and hope they’ve found in Jesus Christ.

Marilyn and her husband Gary founded Watoto Child Care Ministries, an international organization in 1994 in response to the plight of Africa’s millions of children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. Currently, they are caring for almost 3,000 African children in Watoto villages where every child is raised in a family setting rather than an institution. Their vision is that these children will be raised to become future leaders of Uganda and Africa.

marilyn-skinnerDrawing from her deep and tested faith, Marilyn is a passionate speaker, encouraging women all around the world to stand up against inhumane practices such as human trafficking, child soldiers, HIV/AIDS stigmatization and all forms of injustice. Through her inspiration, women from all walks of life and faith are mobilized to work together to make this world a better place. Canadian born, Marilyn has lived in Kampala, Uganda for over 29 years with the love of her life, husband Gary. She is the mother of three children and grandmother of four.


“Last years conference was a life-defining moment for me. I had been going through some very difficult things up to conference, but the whole weekend was incredible. Each of the messages spoke directly to me and gave me a clarity and perspective. Grateful for the conference and can’t wait to come this year!” -Karen

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