Dream Again


As a wife and mother of four small children, it’s easy to get lost amongst the chaos and noise that becomes life. As a woman, it’s even easier to get caught up in the day to day, who’s who, what’s what, day in and day out routines, forgetting our dreams a little. With each passing day, if we’re not careful, we can forget to live in the now and dream as we once did. The current season becomes ‘I can’t wait for the next season.’ While the future becomes a complaint for what we don’t currently have; an out of reach impossibility that we may never live out.


But here’s our encouragement… We were created to dream! And not just dream, but to dream with God – surrendering ALL that we are for ALL that He has for us. The thing I love about children is their ability to dream, and dream BIG! Nothing’s too outrageous for them and every impossible thing seems absolutely possible in their eyes. We, like children, have to learn to dream again and imagine what it would be like if those dreams came true.


“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets…” Habakkuk 2:2


When we write out our thoughts, feelings, prayers, a shift takes place within us. We not only release the burdens welled up inside, but transformation happens. As we feed our spirits with the truth of His word, our thoughts become His thoughts, our prayers become His prayers through us and we begin to want what’s on His heart. We start living fully, the life set before us. As we dream again, I pray that we would take our place in this world, in our worlds, fearlessly and unashamed of the strength and dignity we carry as women and as daughters of the Most High God, and begin to walk out our dreams.



TarynTaryn Stine co-pastors Dc Metro Church in Alexandria, VA with her husband, David Stine.  In addition to focusing on her favorite calling as a mom and chasing her precious little boys, Isaac, Asher and Josiah on the playground; she is curled up with her Bible and her journal preparing dynamic, life-giving messages for DC Sisterhood each month.  For more, you can follow her on Twitter @TARYNSTINE.

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  1. LOVE this Taryn…thanks for taking the time out of your crazy busy life to encourage the girls on their journey…
    and BTW…LOVE that we our worlds collided xoxo

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  2. Amen! I want to dream bigger than I’ve ever dreamed before with God.

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  3. Wow – Thanks Taryn. Somewhere in the hustle and bustle I forgot to dream… Ok, commence operation dream hard.

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  4. So good! Thanks for reminding us to dream bigger!

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