DEPRESSION: The One Technique From Counseling That Made a Difference

Eileen Wilder is a wonderful part of the BeautifulYou Team and she recently launched a great blog!   She has an incredible heart to see women overcome their fears and be the very best versions of themselves!  Today we’re sharing a snippet from one of her recent posts and would highly encourage you to go check out her blog, here



Studies show that one out of every four adults in America will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives.


Nearly one in 10 Americans suffers from depression alone. What’s worse, by 2020, the World Health Organization estimates depression will be the second most debilitating disease worldwide.


Often those suffering, like I did, suffer in silence – due to the stigma and shame associated with mental illness.


We should find great encouragement and hope in what Rick Warren said following the loss of his son to mental illness.

 “God knows what it’s like to lose a son,” Rick Warren noted.

“It’s amazing to me that any other organ in your body can break down and there’s no shame and stigma to it,” Warren told the congregation.

“But if your brain breaks down, you’re supposed to keep it a secret… If your brain doesn’t work right, why should you be ashamed of that?”


I can relate to this shame of my brain not working right. Can you?


Slowly, beguilingly – at 22 years old I drifted into a fog of depression. Like a boat lost out at sea the stormy waves of life swirled and churned all around me.   In the middle of this boat, I sat unaffected, staring into the void.  Not because I was at peace, but because because my soul had vanished. I couldn’t seem to feel. Anything.




Eileen Wilder is the Creative Pastor at CapCityChurch.  Her heart flutters when her days contain Starbucks, U2 & Pinterest. She is obsessed with her little sons’s cheeks, her daughter’s laugh, and her husband’s everything.  For more on art and life, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram @eileenwild and on her blog,

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  1. I’m so grateful for courageous people, not afraid to be transparent about issues in life! I have dealt with depression for a long time. I don’t struggle like I used to, but I don’t always escape rough days, even if they’re few and far in between now. Because of people having been broken by things like this, and then allowed themselves to be built up by God, healing will come for others that struggle. I am convinced that “iron sharpens iron” even when sharing their hardships – just so people can relate and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t thank God enough for sending those people into my life 15 years ago. Eileen, you go girl. You’re one of the bravest beacons I know. Thanks for finally blogging.

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