Dear Donna: How do I Maintain Balance During a Busy Season of Life

We wanted to give our readers the opportunity to hear from Donna Pisani, the Founder and Leader of Beautiful You,  and ask her any questions they might have about their own journeys.  If you have a question you would like to pose, please email us at


BY Reader: How do I maintain balance during a busy season in life?


Donna: In a nutshell, here’s the one thing that has helped through every season I’ve walked through.  It’s a simple principle in the bible. “Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you” Matt. 6:33


Whether you’re in college and struggling to get through midterms, a single professional trying to change the world, or a stay at home mom wanting 5 minutes in the bathroom by yourself…this principle applies.  I’ve found that if I invite God (seek him) in every season and ask him to show me the priorities that I should be focusing on, he is faithful to give me direction in all things on my plate. When I start my day off with him at the helm, I find an inner peace that empowers me to face anything the day brings.  I call it finding my “center” or strengthening my core.  If your core is strong, you can handle the  “weight” of this season so you’re not just surviving but thriving.


Three things to remember:


  • Keep God first– that means, even if you take just 10 minutes a day, put some worship music on and read the word. This is an important key to bringing balance and perspective.  Keep yourself connected to community and friends that are life giving; make sure church for you and your family is a priority.
  • You have a choice-you can do it all, but look seriously at what your priorities are in THIS season–it won’t last forever.  Knowing that it’s ok to delegate and say no is sometimes the greatest gift.
  • Be present in this moment– remember that it’s this moment that’s giving you strength, wisdom and muscles for the next.  Enjoy where you are right now, it will only add to the joy of where you’re going.



What are some things that you’ve done to “thrive” in busy seasons in your life?


Donna Pisani co-pastors Capital City Church in Washington, D.C. with the love of her life, Dennis Pisani. She loves kale chips and chocolate (preferably not together), family time and is currently hooked on Downton Abbey.  She is committed to seeing women flourish in life. For more, you can follow her on Twitter @donnapisani  & Instagram @donnapisani

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