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There are so many incredibly people that make up the BeautifulYou community.  It is our hope to introduce you to a few of them so that you can hear, first hand, their stories.  

Meet Tiffany.


BeautifulYou: Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and what first brought you to DC?

Tiffany: I moved into the DC metro area in 2005 shortly after college.  It initially was a challenge for me as most of my family lived near the small town of Ashland, VA and I really had only a few contacts in this area.  However, through work, gym life and church, I quickly made connections with some amazing people that would make my transition from small town to big city life much easier.

BY: Was there a moment in your life that stood out to you as a turning point?

Tiffany: There have been several turning points that have stood out – moving to DC, career choices, etc.  One of the most recent moments was when I had the opportunity to go on a mission’s trip to Guatemala in Aug. 2011. I had never been outside of the country and I thought this would be the ultimate experience for my first trip.   As soon as our group stepped off the plane, I immediately knew that this trip was not only to serve the people there but it would totally alter my world.   Several families we visited were dealing with lack of food, health, and resources, but they were all rich in love and their compassion for one another.  I had never experienced love like that before from total strangers.  They were so eager to give their last in order to serve and to be a blessing.  After days of serving in Guatemala, I found myself weeping continuously because of the compassion that was shown to us.  I would often ask God how can they love so much in the midst of their circumstances.  It often left me speechless.


BY: How has your life changed since that point?

Tiffany: From this experience, I saw love and compassion in a new way.   I have learned that God’s love and compassion is the ultimate example to follow.  As His love is endless, I continue to explore its richness, and how I may share, grow, and live a life dedicated to loving who He has created me to be and loving others more in the process.

BY: What are a few things that have been helpful to you as you’ve taken this journey?

Tiffany: What has been most helpful is allowing the voice of God to be louder in my life than all the commotion that may be going on around me.  By being intentional about soaking in His word and things that point back to His character  (time with others, worship, prayer), I found it often silenced the negativity and distractions and helped me to love more and to be content because I was surrounded by Him.

BY: How long have you been part of the BeautifulYou family and how has that impacted your life?

Tiffany: I have been a part of the Beautiful You family for several months.  The connections that I have made through this family have helped me through some very emotional seasons in my life.  There were times where I felt very helpless and defeated.  However, being a part of the BY family has been refreshing and ultimately one of the best partnerships I could ever link up to.

BY: Is there something that you would say to someone else who might find themselves in the midst of a difficult part of their own journey?

Tiffany: Life can throw us many curveballs and we are sometimes left wondering how we ended up in our current situation. In the midst of it all, stay connected.  Life was never meant to be experienced alone.  We have all been created to sharpen, build, encourage each other and these experiences will lead us into purpose that has been uniquely designed just for us.  As you stay connected, cherish the opportunities to discover your beautiful YOU in this journey, for you are His masterpiece.


T. JacksonTiffany has served with Capital City Church for about a year and is on the BeautifulYou Registration Team.  In her spare time, she enjoys serving as a youth advocacy volunteer, competing in some crazy workout challenge with friends, or playing games with her niece and nephews.

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  1. Beautiful – inside and out – that’s what you are, Tiffany! Love your heart, compassion, energy! And love what God is doing through your servant heart.

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  2. She’s amazing! I love her ability to make everyone around her to feel loved and connected! She’s definitely an inspiration to me!

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  3. “I would often ask God how can they love so much in the midst of their circumstances.” This sentence dug itself into the core of my being. May I never forget it.

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