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Even though November just started and most of us are not quite ready to think about the holidays, those of us at BeautifulYou have already been thinking about Christmas for quite some time.  We are getting excited for our annual Christmas Tea at the Willard Hotel with Christine Caine on December 14.  You won’t want to miss this event.  Space is limited, and so register soon!  We hope you will join us in celebrating the season and supporting a wonderful organization, A21.  To help get you as excited about the Christmas Tea as we are, contributor Martha shares some of her favorite Christmas Tea moments.


BeautifulYou — How did you first hear about the Christmas Tea?

Martha — When we first moved to DC, I had already heard about the Tea from Mike, my husband, who had been here prior to us actually moving. He encouraged me to go and I went by myself!  I certainly didn’t know what to really expect – didn’t attend many “teas” in Texas!  I was so glad I went, though, because as I was missing family and friends in Texas, it helped me to connect with others and really kicked off the Christmas season for me!

BeautifulYou — What about the Christmas Tea draws you back each year?

Martha — I think what draws me back every year – 11th year and counting – is the almost “magical” feeling, a sense of giddy-ness of the Christmas season beginning!  The Willard is decorated so beautifully, the music, getting dressed up with your friends and, yes, eating the little sandwiches and scones all capture Christmas for me!  And now, as we have the last few years, supporting A21,  we give back and make a difference in another’s life, that makes it all the more special.


BeautifulYou — What is your favorite Christmas Tea memory?

Martha — I’ve had several, it’s hard to choose just one! Seeing old friends and new ones, taking pictures with them and getting caught up, is something we sometimes need…girl time!  The last 2 years have been especially memorable for me as our daughter now lives in the area and has been able to attend with me!  And there were at least 2 years where it was snowing lightly when we walked outside after the Tea and then walked over to the White House to look at the Christmas tree – truly a beautiful memory!

BeautifulYou — Have you ever brought any friends to the Christmas Tea?  

Martha — I love bringing friends to the Tea!  Last year, I had a lot of friends join me at 2 tables and each and every one of them were blown away by the special care they received from the Connect Hosts, the messages they heard (“definition of beauty – the quality present when one’s purpose is understood” really spoke to one of our youngest guests!),  the beautiful music from Harrison and Hannah, the breath-taking, historic Willard, giving to A21…everything about the Tea amazed them!

BeautifulYou — Could you give some advice on inviting friends and coworkers to the Christmas Tea?

Martha  — The best advice would just be genuinely sharing what the Tea has meant for yourself, which will be  automatically inviting!  And, of course, having the opportunity to give to and support A21 and knowing that that giving is making an enormous difference in a life means so much more, understanding we’re part of something bigger than ourselves is truly an honor and a joy!

Martha (front and center holding the sign) with some of her friends at the 2012 Christmas Tea

Martha (front and center holding the sign) with some of her friends at the 2012 Christmas Tea

Martha is the wife of Mike, who is an elder at CapCityChurch.  She’s been a part of leadership teams in the church for several years and loves to meet with young women one-on-one, as time permits. She is currently attending and helping the launch teams at the new VA location in Kingstowne.  She and her husband are also hub leaders of the N. VA life groups, as well as, life group leaders themselves.

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  1. Martha this is well said!1 I enjoyed the BY tea last year and more importantly felt blessed by the amazing message I received. Every year I am encouraged by your enthusiasm, excitement and dedication to this mission. Thank you for all you do and continue sharing because it’s obvious you make a difference one person at a time. <3 Nuri

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  2. Love this Martha…thanks for sharing!

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  3. Well said, Martha… The tea is always a great time! See you there this year!

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