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My husband and I came to Washington, D.C. many years ago as a young, wide-eyed couple that wanted to change the world. We loaded up a U-haul with all of our earthly belongings and drove the 730 miles from Chicago to D.C. with no guaranteed salary and no place to live. I can honestly look back on that day and say that was pretty BRAVE! Fortunately, we fell in love with this city from day one! One of the things that has made living here over the years so exciting is getting to continually be around so many young people that are brave and want to change the world, too.  Maegan Hawley is one of those people. She recently ventured out on her own to work full-time on her dream of using fashion and design to empower marginalized women around the globe. I am thrilled to introduce you to her today as she shares from her heart. —Lora Batterson, National Community Church (NCC)


“Do it afraid.”

That’s what Lora said when I told her, earlier this year, that I was stepping down from my full-time position at our church (NCC) to focus on Ethic (a company committed to designing and purchasing artisan accessories and jewelry that create jobs among women who need them). Lora’s words have been my motto ever since.

Ethic didn’t come with instructions. But you know, while it would be nice to replace the “unknowns” with a well-carved path, I think it would short-circuit the process. The process is where the adventure is, where courage is required, and where we get to become that person God had in mind when He created us. How we handle fear is crucial to our growth. Here are some of my fears in this new season:

Classic FOMO (Fear of missing out)- I’m missing out on life with NCC staff.

FOF (Fear of failure)- What if Ethic flops?

FOD (Fear of loss of direction)- How in the world do I do this?

FOL (Fear of loneliness)- I can’t connect with others until I have something to show.

FOJ (Fear of Judgment)- What are other people saying about me and the business?

I’ve been thinking about Israel’s journey to the Promised Land. Israel didn’t posses the land the first time because of fear and unbelief, implying they didn’t think God could actually bring them in (Num. 13-14). Really? Not two years prior, these same people walked through the middle of the Red Sea. They drank water that came from a rock. The cloud and fire were always with them, and they ate manna every day…that tasted like cake (Num. 11:8). CAKE!!

The Israelites knew the power of God. I think they questioned, “Will God continue to work through us?”

Isn’t that the biggie behind our fears, too?

Do we know what scripture gives us authority for? We are “in Christ.” That means all the promises and inheritance of Christ are ours. Every single one of them! Christ did not shed his blood so we could stumble around in fear and self-doubt, never living in freedom and shying away from the assignments He gives us. Self-image is the mental picture you have of yourself. Identity is, in fact, who you are.

Bravery is doing things how God would do them, regardless of how they turn out. For me, that means combatting fear with truth daily, prioritizing obedience and trusting the Lord with results. Plus, embracing a willingness to be vulnerable in front of other people… even when it is scary. The second we start to ask, “Did God really call me…? Did God really promise…? Am I really the one to do this?” YES HE DID AND YES YOU ARE. That is how we enter into battle. #DoItAfraid #EatCakeForBreakfast

When was the last time you self-doubted yourself, and how did you shake the uncertainty off? Was there a Bible verse that helped? #BYmovement

LoraLora Batterson is married to Mark, who pastors a vibrant church in the D.C. metro area called the National Community Church. Together they have three beautiful children. She loves living in the heart of Capitol Hill and going out for coffee every day off with her husband. She also thinks that the french toast at Eastern Market is the best in the world. For more, you can follow her on Twitter @lorabatterson.

unnamed-1Maegan is wife to Jeff Hawley and the founder of Ethic, a jewelry company that uses her passion for fashion to address important issues of justice. She grew up on a sail boat in Seattle and loves the water. Her favorite place to escape in D.C. is the Waterfront Marina, where she can be found enjoying the seafood and checking out the boats. Maegan can be found on Instagram and Twitter @ethicgoods.


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  1. A timely word for me as I go through a season of change and take a big step of faith. Thanks!

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