Brave Stories: “The Fruits of Obedience are Not Without Struggle”

Leading up to BYC2015 (YAY!), we’ll be featuring stories of bravery from the gorgeous models that grace the Beautiful You Conference website. If you recognize any of these women, we aren’t surprised. They live in our communities, serve at our churches, and they always rock the prettiest nail polish colors.


Name: Ibukun “IBK” Jaiyeola
Age: 24
Occupation: Communication specialist/ Production Intern
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
What brought you to DC? Grad School
My three favorite things: Korean dramas, blueberry muffins, clothes
When I was five I wanted to grown up to be… a housewife (It looked like an easy “job”)
The band or music group I have on repeat: Nico and Vinz
My must-watch-whenever-it-is-on chick-flick: Love Actually?
The nail polish shade I could wear everyday:
OPI I São Paulo Over There
A perfect day in D.C.. would include: Food!!!

Beautiful You Movement (BYM): Can you tell us about a time in your life that you had to be brave?
Ibukun (“IBK”): Now! During my first visit to DC in 2011, I went on a walk and I was praying along the way. In that moment I heard God say “I will bring you back to this place”. At that time, I really had no ties to DC other than the work I came there for in the first place. Through a twist of God, I found myself here for grad school, and I hated it…at first. The things that got me through were the words and acts of God that brought me here, and finding a community. So now grad school is over, and I’m still not completely sure why I am here, yet I don’t have the “go”.

BYM: Can you describe what you were feeling during that time?
IBK: There are many moments of questioning, whether or not I heard correctly or even what the point of waiting is. So this entire process is really a journey of faith and bravery, because things aren’t going the way I’d prefer them to. And that is a struggle. To know that there is a purpose, but feeling like I’m failing at it because I’m not sure what it is. I am such a doer and a go-getter, and sometimes I feel like I’m not doing, going, or getting. That is not a comfortable place for me to be.

BYM: How have you seen your act of bravery affect those around you?
IBK: On the aspect of allowing my plans to be changed and moving, it has encouraged and inspired obedience. It’s also opened up room for accountability. When I got my word, I shared it with my prayer partners and asked them to pray along with me. So through the process of moving and struggling in my first year in DC, I opened up room to be encouraged and held accountable. That built a lot of trust in my friendships.

BYM: How has your relationship with Jesus changed since you made the decision to be brave?
IBK: I have seen the fruits of obedience, and they are good, but they are not necessarily without struggle. I am learning to get out of my head, and amplify God’s truth instead (2 Corinthians 10:5). I am learning to let God work in me and through me, as opposed to always knowing what and why. That means trusting God for the big and the basic. I don’t get to do, I just get to be.

ibkIbukun was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a communications specialist and is passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves. She serves on the greeting team and reads church news at the City Church DC (I love reading the news, I’m a naturally reserved person, but it feels like I’m in my element). She loves brunch with friends and her annual solo trips. 



“I bought a U+3 last year not knowing who I would give the other tickets to. The friends I originally invited weren’t able to attend, but I was able to use the tickets for friends of friends. They were each encouraged and inspired by the conference, so I’m really glad it worked out for them to attend!” —Laura
Did you register for BYC15 yet? It won’t be the same without you! #BYmovement

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