Brave Stories: ‘Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone Helped Me Discover My Passion’

Leading up to BYC2015 (YAY!), we’ll be featuring stories of bravery from the gorgeous models that grace the Beautiful You Conference website. If you recognize any of these women, we aren’t surprised. They live in our communities, serve at our churches, and they always rock the prettiest nail polish colors.


Name: Summer Batterson
Age: 18
Occupation: Student/Barista
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Three favorite things: Sushi, Christmas and coffee
When I was five I wanted to grown up to be . . . a teacher.
The band or music group I have on repeat: The 1975
My must-watch-whenever-it-is-on chick-flick: Clueless
The nail polish shade I could wear everyday: Essie in Candy Apple
A perfect day in D.C. would include… going to Roosevelt Island or running on the Mall.

Beautiful You Movement (BYM): Can you tell us about a time in your life that you had to be brave?
Summer: The time I had to be most brave is when I traveled to Africa alone. We went to Zambia for 10 days to visit Lusungu Orphanage, help build a pig pen, and essentially just bless the people there by helping with whatever needed to be done around the orphanage. Generally, I love to travel but I always get sick and I was nervous to go without my parents. The trip turned out to be life changing and one of the best experiences of my life!

BYM: Can you describe what you were feeling during that time?
Summer: At times during the trip I felt anxious, but once I was around the kids it was genuinely one of the best times of my life. At first I was pretty closed off because as soon as we landed we were immediately thrown into meeting new people and learning a new culture. But as soon as I met the kids it was easier to embrace the experience. I’ve since realized that this trip helped build my confidence; if I can go all the way to Africa and feel the difference we were making, I know I can do the same here.

BYM: How have you seen your act of bravery affect those around you?
Summer: Because I went to Zambia, my friends have seen how it impacted me and want to go on similar trips.

BYM: How has your relationship with Jesus changed since you made the decision to be brave?
Summer: Zambia helped me realize God’s calling for me to work with children. Stepping outside my comfort zone helped me discover my passion to work with kids. The kids in Zambia made my feel like I was a part of their family, and I want to do the same for them in a broader spectrum.

summer-batterson-3Summer Batterson works with National Community Church‘s Crosswalk Kids program, teaches Sunday school to elementary kids, and is planning on majoring in social work when she goes to college.



“I wasn’t sure what to expect at Beautiful You conference last year, but went ahead and bought a U+3 registration. My friends and I were blown away by atmosphere, worship and the messages, which God used to touch all of us deeply. It was definitely a life directing weekend, and I have already gotten my U+3 for this year and can’t wait!” —Katie
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  1. LOVE THIS Summer! I was so inspired by just doing what was in front of you, and stepping out of your comfort zone, unlocked a love in your heart for kids…thanks for sharing your story,

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