Brave Stories: ‘I Had to Live a Life With Purpose’

Leading up to BYC2015 (YAY!), we’ll be featuring stories of bravery from the gorgeous models that grace the Beautiful You Conference website. If you recognize any of these women, we aren’t surprised. They live in our communities, serve at our churches, and they always rock the prettiest nail polish colors.


Carlisa Belton

Age: 35

Occupation: Homemaker (currently)

Hometown: Bolinbrook, Il.

What brought you to D.C.? My husband is in the U.S. Airforce.

My three favorite things are… food, fashion and laughing.

When I was five I wanted to grow up to be a…fashion designer and a nurse.

My must-watch-whenever-it-is-on chick-flick: The Holiday ( w/Cameron Diaz)

The nail polish shade I could wear everyday: OPI in Pandemonium Pink

A perfect day in D.C. would include…spending time with my family at the National Mall.


BYM: Can you tell us about a time in your life when you had to be brave?
Carlisa: The day I was told my current fiancé was killed in a motor accident, which was less than 24 hours of me seeing him for the last time and two days before his birthday. I had never attended a funeral before. I had to pick myself and my life up and continue to live a life with purpose.

BYM: Can you describe what you were feeling during that time?
Carlisa: My whole entire world was rocked. I felt like I could not breathe and I was completely empty. I was alone and had nothing. Waking up everyday, having to go through entire days without the one person that you had shared and planned your entire life with left me feeling empty.

BYM: How have you seen your act of bravery affect those around you?
Carlisa: When I picked my life back up, I knew I had to continue to follow some of my passions.  I put all of my free time into giving back to my culture and community.  I started a NPO for young Ghanian Americans who’s mission was to educate the youth about the Ghanian culture and provide for our community. I also was the voice to people all over my community about being able to overcome, being strong, and staying encouraged after a relationship issue. I would get phone calls from men and women asking me to give them encouragement about what they were going through. It was amazing how just by talking to others, I was able to help them get their lives back on track.

BYM: How has your relationship with Jesus changed since you made the decision to be brave?
Carlisa: He has become my HERO! I say thank you everyday to HIM for my life. I can honestly say that I know I would not have this relationship that I have today, if I did not go through what I went through then. I truly believe that God wanted my attention. I was allowed free time to learn about God in my alone time. I opened the book of Matthew and read it from page to page. Today God has blessed me with a new life that I would have never imagined—the most amazing husband and best friend and two beautiful and smart children. Being brave is a choice that I made that ultimately changed my entire life.

Carlisa Belton is a homemaker who loves exploring new things in D.C., her hometown of Chicago, and her future home in Florida. When she isn’t keeping up with her two fabulous kids, Carlissa can be found volunteering in her community, boosting awareness of her Ghanian culture, or hosting Experience God luncheons at Capital City Church in Kingstown.

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  1. Loved it!!! So awesome and yes Carlisa is a very strong and beautiful woman with a beautiful family.
    God will continue to bless her an her family for sure

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    • Thanks ladies!!! I love, love, love you gals!! : )))

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  2. Carlisa you are such an inspiration to all women. I am so blessed to have you back in my life! I am so glad we were able to go out for dinner and catch up on everything; the advice you gave me really lifted my spirits. I am looking forward to many more outings, talks, trips with you!!!!!! Love you girl. Stay BLESSED.

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  3. I enjoyed this read. When you are reminded of something and see how a person has overcome a situation, it allows you to look within and understand it’s not over yet. This is just the beginning.

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  4. Love this and love you! You are a true inspiration to everyone around you! Continue to being blessed and a blessing!

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  5. Thanks for sharing Carlisa! You inspire women every day. Keep up the amazing work you do!

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  6. Love t his and love you! (and love Pandemonium Pink!) Thanks for sharing your story Carlissa…had no idea that the strength I see in you was a costly one…xx

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  7. Yes, Carlissa! You rock! : D I love how you said you had to choose to be brave. Amen! <3
    P.S. love your outfit

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