Brave Stories: ‘I Felt More Alone Than Ever…’

Leading up to BYC2015 (YAY!), we’ll be featuring stories of bravery from the gorgeous models that grace the Beautiful You Conference website. If you recognize any of these women, we aren’t surprised. They live in our communities, serve at our churches, and they always rock the prettiest nail polish colors.


Name: Amanda Roberson
Age: 34
Occupation: Sales and Marketing Manager
Hometown: Marietta, Ga.
What Brought you to D.C.?  My job transferred me to the area.
When I was five I wanted to grown up to be…a teacher.
The band or music group I have on repeat: The Civil Wars
My must-watch-whenever-it-is-on chick-flick: The Holiday
The nail polish shade I could wear everyday: Essie in Ballet Slippers
A perfect day in D.C. would include…going for a run on the National Mall.

Beautiful You Movement (BYM): Can you tell us about a time in your life that you have had to be brave?
Amanda: When I decided to move to D.C. without knowing a single person. I left behind everything that was comfortable about my life in Atlanta. I had no idea where I would live, where I would go to church, or what this new life would look like.

BYM: Can you describe what you were feeling during that time?
Amanda: I was scared and felt more alone than I ever had before in my life.

BYM: How have you seen your act of bravery affect those around you?
Amanda: Moving to D.C. pushed me away from everything that was comfortable and took my faith to places it had never been. God brought me to a church and a community that would teach me about being brave. He brought me to a place where I would discover a deep passion on the inside of my heart that would change the direction of my life. I went on a trip to Thailand not long after arriving in D.C., where I experienced first hand the evil of human trafficking (the magnitude of which I was completely unaware). This trip changed me in a profound way and I have since become involved in organizations in the U.S. that rehabilitate girls who have been trafficked. My passion on this issue has affected those around me to get involved in the fight as well. I think that when you see someone else be brave, it naturally inspires you to be brave too. And that’s what God did for me; he gave me friends who spoke into my life and encouraged me to become the person God was calling me to be.

BYM: How has your relationship with Jesus changed since you made the decision to be brave?
Amanda: God brought me to D.C. to teach me how to be brave. I have gained a confidence in Him like I have never known. I am confident in who He created me to be. I have learned that giving love to someone else and speaking truth into their life can give them license to be courageous and freedom to be brave.

amanda-roberson-2Amanda, who attends National Community Church, recently moved to Nashville, Tn. to be closer to her family. She is most passionate about fighting human trafficking, cooking, traveling, and laughing until it hurts.  

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  1. Just beautiful, panda!! This is wonderful and you truly are an inspiration! ! Ao happy and and proud of and for you!! You go girl!!!

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  2. lulu, you are an inspiration to young women everywhere. Your heart is so big and tender. I am proud to call you one of mine. Love, Gigi

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  3. You are so beautiful inside and out my amazing friend – Love you!!

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