Book Review: Lean In, Part 2

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leaninIn her book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg argues that the biggest obstacle standing between women and positions of leadership are themselves. Earlier this week I wrote about some of the internal barriers we women erect that hold us back. While Sandberg’s book is largely focused on women in the workplace, her advice is spot on for women in any stage of life.

As promised, here are 7 (of my favorite) pieces of advice she gives to knock down those internal barriers:

1)       Fake it till you make it
We’ve all had those moments where we feel like frauds, but the key in those moments is looking past your inadequacies and believing in your abilities. Self-confidence is everything.

2)      You can’t please everyone
Don’t let your desire to be liked by everyone keep you from pursuing that next dream. But at the same time, don’t abandon the community that helped get you to the place you are right now.

3)      Don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 20
Ok, so I stole this quote from Pinterest, but nevertheless, Sandberg makes it clear that no two people’s paths are identical. Be willing to take risks and jump off the beaten path if the right opportunity comes along.

4)      Bring your whole self
Meaningful relationships are born when we are fully present in what we’re doing. The kind of leadership that attracts followers is genuine and honest, even if imperfect, so put away those sets of masks you wear for each role in your life.

5)      Be all in
Don’t leave before you leave. Even if you’re uncertain about what’s next, keep your foot on that gas pedal instead of pulling back.

6)      Share the load
Just because you think you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should strive to do it all. Enlist the help of your spouse, your girlfriends, or your family – asking for their help is not a sign of weakness but an indication that you’d rather do life well with them instead of alone.

7)      Stop striving for perfection
Does this one need any more explanation? Your boss didn’t hire you because they thought you would never make a mistake. Your husband didn’t marry you because you’re flawless (despite what they may say). And God certainly doesn’t love you because you have it all together. Let’s just throw that expectation out the window right now. 

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