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The annual BeautifulYou Conference is a result of months of planning, many incredible volunteers and more prayer (and fun!) than you can imagine.  We are going to be interviewing the different BeautifulYou Team Leaders over the next few months to give you a sneak peek of the behind the scenes of conference preparation and planning.  We hope you enjoy!


Meet Eileen

BeautifulYou – Which BeautifulYou Team do you lead?

Eileen – Creative, which encapsulates the design and development of the art, music and production of the BY Conference.

BeautifulYou – What is it that you and your team are responsible for?

Eileen – Myself and the rest of the Creative Team are here for the creative outworking of Pastor Donna’s vision, and to use art to support the message of Beautiful You all over our region. We really believe that art can be an invitation for God to speak to women about His truly unbelievable affection for them.

BeautifulYou – What is one of your favorite creative (or behind the scenes) moments from a past BeautifulYou Conference?

Eileen – One standout was awaiting with the Choir backstage before the opening night! Young and old, guys and girls from churches all over, faces FULL of joy….hearts “all in” to see God do something miraculous in our region for women. There’s nothing like the Church gathered!

BeautifulYou – What is your team doing right now to prepare for BYC2014?

Eileen – We have been hard at work with our photoshoot where different girls came from all our partner churches, and had a magnificent shoot! It was unreal. Now to select from over 2,000 images! So hard to choose. Then we’re on to designing the brochure and website.  We have also begun creative planning meetings for the songs and performances we will have at next year’s BY Conference. It’s very energizing!

BeautifulYou – Are there specific volunteer opportunities available to help with your team leading up to conference and during conference?

Eileen – At Conference, I believe the best place to serve is Choir….Choir is really our heart…and one of our favorite elements – because it is one of the truest representations of what the collective, unified sound of the Church is like. Not one person elevated…not one name in the spotlight…but all together – elevating the Name that’s above every name, Jesus.   It’s the best – you can connect with Hannah Marsh if you want to be a part.

Eileen Wilder is the Worship Pastor at CapCityChurch along with an incredible team.  Her heart flutters when her days contain Starbucks, U2 & Pinterest. She is obsessed with her little sons’s cheeks, her daughters laugh, and her husband’s everything.  For more on art and life, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram @eileenwild

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  1. Eileen, you are an integral part of BY Conf! Cap City and Beautiful You are so blessed to have you leading the Creative team! I miss being on the team so much and know that BYConf14 will be bigger, better and more awesome than ever!

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  2. I love this!! I am so excited to see what comes out of the creative team for this year’s conference!!

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