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Black Friday.  Small Business Saturday.  Cyber Monday.

The past few days have been filled with advertisements, sales, and giveaways to get you into stores.  While the promises of happiness with the perfect gift may be enticing, they don’t actually answer the question of what you should actually give someone this holiday season.

This week, we will have five days of gifts to give those special people in your life.  Each day will have a different theme.  So, be sure to stay tuned all week long!

To kick things off, we are starting with Beautiful You gifts.  These gifts not only tell that special woman in your life how amazing she is, but also support the mission of Beautiful You, support some great organizations, and build into the life of that special someone.  Whether she is a wife, sister, mother, friend, or co-worker, these gifts will certainly changer her life and the world.

  1. Ticket to the Christmas Tea
    455630614_640Earlier this month, Martha told us a little bit about her experiences at the Christmas Tea.  You may have also seen the promo video.  Even if you just moved to the DC area today and know nothing about Beautiful You, we can guarantee the Christmas Tea is one of the best ways to kick off the holiday season.  Plus, Christine Caine is speaking again this year.  That special woman in your life will be able to hear the wisdom Caine brings every year, hear stories of how A21 fights human trafficking, dress up in that cute holiday dress, drink tea, and eat scones and tiny little cakes.  The Christmas Tea is an experience she will remember all year long.
  2. Undaunted
    You can’t talk about Christine Caine without mentioning her new book, Undaunted.  This book is truly life changing.  If you haven’t read it yet, buy two copies–one for yourself and one to give as a gift.  Undaunted is one of those books your loved one will read and reread over and over again.  Many of us have read this book ourselves and are looking for other women in our life to pass it along to.
  3. Donation to A21 Campaign
    Beautiful You has supported the A21 Campaign for several years, raising both money and awareness about human trafficking.  Not everyone can be on the front lines fighting human trafficking.  However, supporting organizations like A21 ensure we are taking steps to end slavery throughout the world.  Consider making a donation in honor of that beautiful woman in your life.
  4. Ticket to BYC 2014
    While the Christmas Tea is an exciting event, it is only the beginning to the Beautiful You year.  The main event is the annual Beautiful You Conference.  This conference held every spring is a chance for women to gather together to encourage one another, experience God’s presence, and have a great time just being together.   Every year, the speakers bring incredible, life changing wisdom.  You want the women in your life to attend this conference. 

  5. God is Able
    god-is-able-priscilla-shirerWe all have difficult situations in our lives.  Sometimes, those situations seem impossible.  However, God is Able by Priscilla Shirer reminds us that God is always doing great things.  He will intervene in our lives, and all things are possible with Him–even solving those seemingly impossible problems.  This encouraging book is great for anyone who has faced difficulty or known someone who has.

Do you have any “Beautiful You” gift ideas that could be added to this list?  What gifts are you looking to give that beautiful world changer in your life?

We have more gifts coming tomorrow and the rest of the week!  Stay tuned and be sure to let the Beautiful You community know of any gifts you would add to our list!

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