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Just when you thought you missed your opportunity to attend Beautiful You Conference at a discounted rate, we decided to go ahead and extend the lower registration rate until Monday. Don’t you just love a good surprise?

Help lead the charge for the “no girl left behind” for conference by buying a ticket for yourself or a friend (or better yet, get the U+3 so you can invite three friends). The desire to “fight, lean in, and do whatever it takes” for every girl is such a beautiful thing!

“I bought a U+3 last year not knowing who I would give the other tickets to. The friends I originally invited weren’t able to attend, but I was able to use the tickets for friends of friends. They were each encouraged and inspired by the conference, so I’m really glad it worked out for them to attend!” —Laura

Did you register for BYC15 yet? It won’t be the same without you!
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