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There are so many incredibly people that make up the BeautifulYou community.  It is our hope to introduce you to a few of them so that you can hear, first hand, their stories.


Meet Ashley

BeautifulYou – Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and what first brought you to DC?

Ashley – I first arrived in DC in 2002, after graduating from a college in a small town in Florida. My husband and I were looking for “big city experiences” for our first post-schooling jobs, and we already knew a few people in the DC area, all of whom attended Capital City Church. We actually only stuck around DC for a year before heading out to other “experiences on the list”: a summer in France, filming a reality-TV show in Ukraine, and starting law school in NYC.  But, in 2006, we circled back to DC. Many of our friends had moved since our first DC visit, but we were able to join the same pocket of relationships through involvement at Capital City Church.

BeautifulYou – Was there a moment in your life that stood out to you as a turning point?

Ashley – There have been many pivot points in my life since becoming a Christian – and I am so grateful to be able to look back over my life and regard most of them as positive trends! Having kids stands out, though.  Our Western society doesn’t do a great job of telling you how your desires change as you grow up – having kids really made me realize that I had reached a point in my life where I truly wanted different things. Even more than “another great experience” for myself, I began to value and invest in long-term commitments, like family.  There is some short-term self-sacrificing involved in caring for others, but in the end, it is the most character building, rewarding and rejuvenating lifestyle I can think of.

BeautifulYou – How has your life changed since that point? 

Ashley – I think it has really reinforced the value of relationships – that what we truly have is each other.  It’s cliché, I know, but true! I try to keep my eyes focused on the life of Jesus so that the relationships I have are benefited by His character and expression – His grace is a necessary component to walking out successful relationships.


BeautifulYou – What are a few things that have been helpful to you as you’ve taken this journey?


Ashley – Staying connected to a church body, and especially various Lifegroups has been helpful.  No one person sees you through your whole life, but Lifegroups are one way to bring in the right people for the season you’re in.


BeautifulYou – How long have you been part of the BeautifulYou family and how has that impacted your life?


Ashley – Ever since joining CapCity about 7 years ago.  It’s been a blast – a fairly constant opportunity to have a good time.  That’s been healthy for me.


BeautifulYou – Is there something that you would say to someone else who might find themselves in the midst of a difficult part of their own journey?


Ashley – If you’re in a tough spot, look for simple things that you can alter.  Often the way out starts by doing what you can where you can.  At the very least, we all control our own attitudes and emotions – so, that’s a safe place to begin.



Ashley is a lawyer, mother and CapCity volunteer.


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  1. Awesome encouragement! Thanks, Ashley, for shining your light for us!

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  2. “If you’re in a tough spot, look for simple things that you can alter. Often the way out starts by doing what you can where you can. At the very least, we all control our own attitudes and emotions – so, that’s a safe place to begin.” SO the opposite of my default thinking and a much needed reminder to re-shift it. I tend to look at several things as a mountain that I can’t move, and end up toeing the line of complete shut-down because I can forget that God is so. much. bigger. than that “mountain.” I’m in constant training to override my default with the truth of God and this was such a PRACTICAL reminder for me that I am very capable of doing just that. THANKS!!

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  3. Brilliant and beautiful!

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