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The Power of a Cute T-Shirt

I signed up to be a Beautiful You volunteer for the T-shirt. Okay, it was really about the desire to touch one woman’s life in ways I may not even know…then the T-shirt!

The Sky’s the Limit

Shout out the last person that gave you the boost you needed during an especially trying time. Whether they did something big or something small for you—let’s take a moment to rise them up.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

A few years ago I was picking up my son, Oakley, from football practice. As I walked across the practice field to where his team was huddled I could feel panic building.

Invite a Friend, Change a Life (Really!)

Hey girls! I just want to share a quick story about a girlfriend that I invited to Conference last year.

One Small Crack

Ever felt that some aspect of your life was about to crack? What word did you receive that reminded you that it was all going to be okay?